Over the weekend, a group of friends and I spontaneously headed out to Howth.
We climbed the Howth hills, which was such an amazing way to spend the day!
The scenery was absolutely beautiful, I ran out of memory on my camera from snapping tons of photos.
The scenery was spectacular, I definitely hope to head back there again while the Irish weather is being generous!

It was actually after our stop at Maud's Ice-cream Parlour, that we went on our little excursion!
(Their honey bear ice-cream is to die for)
Beshoff Bros nearby is the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat after the walk!
It is a great chipper if you can stand the line of queuing customers!



From suede skirts to flared denim, the 70s retro trend has me hooked!
Here are a few items I have fallen in love with, despite my bank account keeping us apart!
I am obsessed with Mango's March Lookbook and have sneakily purchased the button up skirt I've included below.

70s style inspiration

70s fashion inspiration

1. MANGO Suede Jacket
2. TOPSHOP Flared Trousers
3. TOPSHOP Chunky Roll Neck Jumper
4. MANGO Feather Print Blouse
MANGO Suede Skirt
ZARA Suede Fringed Backpack

Mango's March Lookbook

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